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Is this what depression really looks like? be listented
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Is this what depression really looks like?


Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner
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Mental Health Ireland

First Facebook Photo Challenge

With so much negative press about social media in particular Facebook, it warms my heart to see a post like this...a 'Thank You' from Mental Health Irelandfor all the Facebook users who have taken part in the 'First Facebook Photo Challenge'.  It helps to remind us of the positivity than can be sought through social media, and how we can use it in ways to promote the kindness in humanity in fun ways, at the same time as highlighting such a worthy cause.

Well done to all who have taken part in this Facebook challenge and donated. #firstfacebookphoto

"The Mental Health Ireland Blog is written by Rosy and Fiona. Both have lived experience of mental health difficulties. Join them on their journey.

The money raised will go straight into our Mental Health Awareness programme and will provide Training Bursaries for people undertaking mental health awarenss training.
If you would like to donate €4 to Mental Health Ireland after your First Facebook Photo you can text MHI to 50300." 

#bluemonday #happythought

Mental Health Ireland are promoting Happy Thoughts for today which is widely known as #bluemonday.  The third Monday in January, when usually the credit card and other bills arrive. 

Mental Health Ireland are asking us to share a #happythought to help brighten up everyone's day!

My #happythought for #bluemonday is "beautiful blue sky and crisp ice at -4 this morning means I get to wrap up in my ugg boots and furry ear muffs" my perfect winter morning for #bluemonday.

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